Just two more sweeties saved from a high kill shelter.
Tigger and Minnie in their new home.

Volunteer Opportunities URGENT

We desperately need foster homes.  The only way to save cats and dogs from being killed in shelters is to get them into foster homes.  Owner Surrenders in Florida have NO hold time and can be killed at any time.  "Stray" animals in Florida have about 5 days from the time they come in until they must be adopted or go to rescue. Many of these are lucky to get 3 days.   In a rare instance, some actually last up to 2 weeks because there may be room or because they have sponsorship.  Please consider fostering as your way of eliminating the need to kill adoptable pets.  Please contact us at

Money is also needed to assist with transporting animals to safety outside of Florida.   Many of Florida's rescues, and foster homes, are full. In order to continue to save animals we need to look for alternatives.  This costs money- sometimes to fly, though Pilot for Paws can assist on occasion- to paid driving transport which can cost as much as $30 an animal!
One of our goals is to assist with the transport of rescue dogs.  This means money we raise can be used to assist all the volunteers willing to give of their time to drive the dogs and cats to safety gas money.  As the price of gas continues to rise, it is more difficult to find volunteers for this incredibly important part of the rescue mission.  

Transport saving dogs and cats from Chipley, FL occurs EVERY Saturday.  And every week we must search and search for volunteers- sometimes as many as 20 drivers!  We travel from Chipley, FL to Tally; from Tally to Lake City; from Lake City to Wildwood, FL; from Wildwood to Seffner; or on to Orlando or as far south as Yeehaw Junction.  If you can give of your time, and have crates, we can use your help!  Please contact Sue Bruce - our transport coordinator.