Georgia, Leanne's personal cat. She was a purebred Maine Coon
 rescued from a hobby breeder at age 5 years old.  She passed away summer of 2017 from cancer.

About Us

Daphne, rescued from Chipley fall of 2013, living the good life in Sarasota FL.

Our Goals:

It is the goal of People-4-PAWS Florida to:

1. Fundraise, through events, donations, sponsors and grants in order to-

    a. provide funds for rescues to transport animals, board animals, provide medical care to animals, recruit foster homes and general operating needs in saving animals from shelters.

    b. provide marketing and education to the public and lawmakers on the need to spay and neuter all pets (cats and dogs) to reduce the number of shelter animals and reduce the need for euthanizing adoptable cats and dogs.

    c. meet additional needs of rescue of dogs and cats with purchase or lease of vans, gas, crates and leashes to establish a  network throughout the state of Florida and eventually through the southeast for transporting animals to safety.

The following are some of the animals we have rescued along the way from Chipley, Fl, Tavares, Fl and Palatka, FL.
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Lovey at the pound in Chipley
Lovey in my home in foster
Lovey in her new home with her new daddy
Lovey in her favorite chair.
Lovey when I babysat for her.
Online fundraising for Save the throw away animals of Florida